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Welcome to We provide premium and ultra secure privacy & encryption service package based on OpenVPN, SSH and HTTPS tunneling with integrated anti malware/phishing security and IP/DNS leaks protection thereby making your existing Internet connection secure, encrypted, safe and anonymous wherever you are. Our service package comes with stealth and ultra secure HTTPS tunneling solution which allows you to bypass OpenVPN/SSH traffic detection by tunneling your OpenVPN or SSH traffic through real HTTPS traffic. This is made extremely easy via our customized OpenVPN GUI client.

Our service creates an encrypted link between your computer and our servers and then forwards all of your internet traffic through this link .In addition, when connected to our VPN network, access to known malware and phishing web sites is blocked using our private DNS sinkhole system thereby protecting from all known malicious sites when you browse the web. With our anonymity service, your identity and privacy is protected in the best way. You can get signed up anonymously and you can also can pay anonymously with CashU, Pecunix or Perfect Money.


Any form of P2P or illegal file sharing.

Sending of any marketing or bulk email with your desktop or web email client or mailer via the VPN or SSH tunnel. You must not hide under our VPN/SSH IP to send any form of illegal email.

Any form of illegal activity. For details of such activities, please see our TOS.

Download OpenVPN Config Files/Client:

Server Config Files

Standard OpenVPN Windows GUI Client

Ultra Secure and Stealth Windows GUI OpenVPN Client(Over HTTPS)



DD-WRT Router








Integrated powerful malware and phishing sites protection

American IP anywhere

Single account gives you access to OpenVPN, Ultra secure and stealth OpenVPN & SSH Tunnelling

Unblock VOIP applications anywhere

24x7 Live Technical Support

100% Network Uptime via redundant Servers

Redundant Parallel Servers at different Data Centers

Powerful Intrusion Protection enabled USA server

Support for tunneling all OpenVPN and SSH servers over HTTPS using our customized stealth OpenVPN GUI client

Windows GUI client with Inbuilt speed checker program to determine the fastest server from your location

Windows GUI client with Inbuilt firewall to prevent IP & DNS Leaks

Anonymous offshore servers

Servers available in USA, Malaysia, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and UK

100 Mbit, unmetered High Speed Connection

OpenVPN based Virtual Private Network

Secure and affordable OpenVPN for 100% security

OpenVPN Client Installer GUI for windows, Linux, MAC, Android, iPhone/iPAD.

Free OpenVPN connection monitoring tools

Supports iPhone using OpenVPN Connect Client or GuizmOVPN GUI

Supports Android using OpenVPN Connect for Android

Supports DD-WRT Firmware Router



48 Hrs Guarantee: If you are not totally satisfied with Anonyproz OpenVPN, we will fully refund your account.

Guaranteed 100% Encryption: All the data that passes through your computer via our OpenVPN servers are fully encrypted by OpenVPN's Blowfish/AES symetrical encryption algorithms with zero IP leak protection with our custom OpenVPN GUI client.

Secure SSL Registration To ensure your personal details including login credentials are kept secure from eavesdroppings and unauthorized access, our website offers a secure and encrypted registration process and secure support using strong 2048 Bits SSL.

Identity Protection : Any information you send to us is held under the strictest confidentiality. Please visit our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


No bandwidth limits and unlimited server switching allowed

Instant Activation

Connect to our servers using Failover and Switching Connection Modes

Force all applications on your PC to connect to internet only through the VPN encrypted tunnel

Multi server location based Windows client and Multi User/PC Support

Feature-packed Customized OpenVPN Client

Traffic-intensive applications such as heavy downloads, Audio Streaming, VoIP, video conferences, video live streaming, IRC allowed. Please note any form of P2P via our VPN or SSH servers is not permitted. Our service cannot be used to hide your IP when using P2P protocol.

Full unrestricted access to all servers for one price

Integrated Malware and Phishing protection

Unrestricted concurrent multiple connections to all servers at the same time from different PCs allowed.

Unblock Skype, VoIP, YouTube and video streaming sites such as HULU, CRACKLE, BBCiPlayer etc.

Unlimited multi logins and switching between all servers

Complete internet anonymity and encryption

Access to all OpenVPN and SSH Tunnel servers for one price

Optional Intrusion Protection System enabled USA server that blocks all known malicious IPs and Domains

Bypass Deep Packet Inspection and Advanced firewall protocol filtering with OpenVPN/SSH tunneling over HTTPS(Ultra secure and stealth tunneling)

100-1000 Mbit Unmetered OpenVPN/SSH Servers

Blowfish/AES Secure Encryption algorithms for OpenVPN

Affordable Pricing and 48 hrs Money Back Guarantee: Starting from only $7.00

Anonymous payments (e-currencies) accepted.

Easy Client Installation and Authentication

Video streaming and traffic intensive applications allowed with unlimited bandwidth

All OpenVPN and SSH services run on port 443 or via pure HTTPS to bypass ISP port filtering and Deep Packet Inspection

OpenVPN and OpenSSH Based with high level encryption

***OpenVPN is a registered trademark of OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.***


Payment Options





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