Anonyproz Adds Extra Layer of Protection to Your OpenVPN

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Company Information

Secure and round-the-clock VPN availability is essential.Which is why Anonyproz provides second-to-none VPN service. Anonyproz is privately operated and based in Germany offering Virtual Private Network Services and IT security services with infrastructure in over 7 countries.We are commited to providing secure internet anonymity to our customers and we take the internet privacy of our customers seriously using the best and most secure Virtual Private Network (OpenVPN) solution.

Legal Purpose:

Anonyproz offers reliable and secure VPN and SSH tunneling services which gives a customer the ability to connect anonymously to the internet including the full encryption of the traffic using open source software (OpenVPN and OpenSSH) to ensure full privacy and security of internet traffic. Once connected to the internet via the VPN or SSH tunnel, the user is automatically assigned a new static IP address from one of our server pool.The VPN service also comes with integrated malware and phishing protection using well known and user contributed real-time databases thereby providing additional security and protection by blocking all access to known malware sites obtained from various sources.

Our VPN Network:

Anonyproz currently operates over multiple servers in over 7 countries for secure VPN and SSH tunnelling using the best open source technology (OpenVPN and OpenSSH) spread over the globe on multiple data centers. We also operates our own DNS servers for our VPN servers for malware and phishing protection for our customers. Our VPN network/servers can be viewed in real time here


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60322 Frankfurt am Main
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