29 Apr 2017 
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 How does Anonyproz OpenVPN work?
 As an Anonyproz customer, you will create a secure tunnel from your computer to our servers using OpenVPN. Once connected, all of your network traffic will be encrypted and transported to our network, where it is then decrypted and re-routed through the I
 What kind of encryption are you using? Can it be cracked?
 We are using 4096 bit OpenVPN, 4096 bit SSH-2 (Secure Shell 2), and 4096 bit SSL/TLS respectively, network and a tunneling protocols that allow data to be exchanged over a secure channel between your PC and our server. They are based on public-key cryptog
 How many servers and IP addresses will I get? And where are they located?
 You will have access to 6 servers located in different countries. Our servers are currently located in USA , UK , Malaysia , Czech, Romania, Luxemburg, Ukraine, Netherlands,Russia,Singapore and Canada. We offer both shared IPs and dedicated IPs. Please vi
 What is the speed of your servers? Will the connection be slower?
 We currently sustain a multitude of servers with a bandwidth of 100 mbps to 1000 mbps each. Most of our servers offshore and North America are high-speed servers with an unshared and dedicated bandwidth of 100 mbps to 1 gbps with plenty or unlimited traff
 Are there traffic limits?
 We currently do not impose strict traffic limits on our servers . As a subscriber of our services, you will get unlimited bandwidth.
 Can I use Anonyproz OpenVPN from any computer?
 Yes, in fact, you can. Our preconfigured Open source OpenVPN client GUI is currently only available for the Windows operating systems. Please find the installation instructions and usage details in the members' area.
 What protocols and data can I encrypt and anonymize with Anonyproz OpenVPN?
 You can encrypt and anonymize all protocols and data you can send through OpenVPN ; everything the TCP/IP protocol can carry: HTTP, FTP, Gopher, SSL, SSH, Bit torrent, ED2K; as well as browsers, FTP clients, P2P clients, IRC, Instant Messengers, and serve
 Can I get a free trial?
 Anonyproz OpenVPNcan count itself lucky to possess an excellent goodwill and reputation. Many of our long-term members who tried several other SSH and VPN providers before, are telling us that our privacy service is in several aspects — from speed over
 How can I pay for your services?
 We offer various payment options for your convenience: PayPal, credit cards, Google Checkout (American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa), eCheck, Liberty Reserve, Pecunix and Perfect Money. With Pecunix , Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, you have th
 How do I know that you will not steal my credit card data and bank login?
 Because we are honest people, and even if we wanted, we couldn't see, read or access these data. Whenever you enter your bank login and password, submit your credit card data to a merchant, access financial accounts like PayPal or Liberty Reserve, or tran
 Do you offer dynamic IP's or dedicated static IP's?
 Yes, we offer private dedicated IP to clients would like to use our OpenVPN for IP sensitive sites like Paypal,Ebay, Casino Sites,local TV broadcasting sites,etc. Our standard OpenVPN service offers shared IP . We assign each and everyone of our members w
 I'm already a Anonyproz OpenVPN Member. How can I extend my account?
 Simply login into your member account and renew your subscription using your desired payment method as usual.
 What is a personal VPN?
 In order to protect privacy and safeguard data, large corporations outfit their employees with company-backed VPNs. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and a safe server that encrypts and protects you and your information.As an Anonyproz customer, y
 Why do I need a Personal VPN?
 With the explosion of wireless hotspots and other forms of public internet access, the risk of hackers grabbing your data has become a major epidemic. The sheer number of people out there using wireless hotspots, coupled with the ease of stealing your inf
 Are all Personal VPN's created equal?
 There are several Personal VPN's available to the public today. They range form free to very expensive. Resist the urge to use a free or very cheap VPN service. In exchange for providing the free service, you must agree to let them look at your data for m
 Is all of this security really necessary?
 A lot of people think that they are not doing anything on their computer that requires this level of security. Many think "what are the odds anyone will be watching me?" or "I have nothing to hide". The facts are that if you send email or use instant mess
 What other benefits does a Personal VPN provide?
 When you connect through a secure VPN, your IP address becomes the one of the trusted server you are connected to. Therefore, as you surf the internet, the owners of the web sites you visit do not know who you are and cannot collect information on you bas
  Access US only sites from around the world
 Many web sites only offer services to US residents. These services include video, music, email and a host of other topics. Americans traveling outside of the USA often find that they can no longer access their favorite or even essential web sites once the
 My ISP is blocking Skype or other IP Phone services?
 Many ISPs and governments wanting to drive telephone traffic to the local service provider use 'VOIP blocking' to prevent calls from going through. The techniques they use to do this can easily be bypassed through the use of a personal VPN. The persona
 Prevent identity theft, stop data mining and be secure online.
 Blogs, forums and sites all over the web talk about proxies and VPN’s. The claims vary with some boasting that they can make you totally anonymous while online. Any company that claims they can make you completely anonymous while online, is just plain l
 Getting around SSL encrypted passwords
 Side jacking is a technique used to gain access to SSL encrypted web pages such as secure email. Many people think that because they are using SSL browser encryption, they are totally secure. When a hacker uses side jacking, he takes advantage of people
 The dangers of free and open proxy servers:
 Whenever you search the internet or visit web sites for advice about how to unblock web sites or how to surf securely, there are a multitude of people erroneously recommending 'free proxy servers' or 'open proxy servers'. However, in the end, they can cos
 How do I confirm that my Personal VPN is working?
 Upon connecting to a Personal VPN tunnel you appear to be originating from the host server of the VPN. For example, if your IP address provided by your ISP is and you are on line without your personal VPN engaged every web site you go to wi
 OpenVPN and Windows Vista 32 and 64
 OpenVPN will run properly on Windows Vista with a few tweaks. There is a difference between the 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista. Older versions of OpenVPN that run on Windows XP will usually work on Vista 32. However, for maximum compatibility, the latest
 Why is OpenVPN prefered to other VPN systems?
 OpenVPN is a full-featured virtual private network (VPN) solution which can accomodate a wide range of configurations, including remote access, site-to-site VPNs, WiFi security, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions with load balancing, failover, a
 Will I get unlimited bandwidth for your OpenVPN service?
 Yes. We offer unmetered 100Mbit fast connection without bandwidth limitations. When you sign up for our openVPN service for only $10.00/Mo, you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and 100Mbit connection. We are one of the very few offering this unlimited bandw
 My ISP block default OpenVPN Port 1194. Can I still use your service?
 Yes. Although some IPS can intentionally block the default OpenVPN port 1194, you can still use our OpenVPN service. All our servers run on HTTPS port 443 which is always open on all networks. Port 443 is used by Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
 Do you provide dedicated IPs OpenVPN Accounts?
 Yes, we provide dedicated IPs OpenVPN . You can choice this option when signing up.
 My Country is internet censored and OpenVPN is blocked, can I still use your service?
 Yes. You can use our OpenVPN services on port 443 and tunnel it over HTTPS to make it undectable from firewalls and DPIs. : For details, please visit: http://www.anonyproz.com/ssl.htm The detailed guide can be downloaded at: http://www.anonyproz
 I need a private dedicated IP OpenVPN Service for IP sensitive sites like Paypal,Ebay, Casino Sites,local TV broadcasting sites,...
 Yes, we can offer you a private dedicated USA IP OpenVPN service for only $7/Month . You can order for it from our order page at: https://www.anonyproz.com/member/signup.php
 What are the advantages of the OpenVPN over the ordinary VPN?
 The main advantage is much higher safety level, OpenVPN also provides more reliable encryption of the outgoing provider traffic, allows to connect through Socks/Proxy in front of the VPN server. Other advantages are flexibility, which allows to use all ki
 How can I check that the traffic is being encrypted and that my IP address has changed?
 You can check the encryption using any packet analyzer, for example tcpdump. IP address can be checked at whoer.net or myiptest.com
 Socks-VPN chaining is a technology that allows streaming your traffic between a socks server and openVPN server. This way you can increase the safety of information about the source of requests.
 How can I use all the OpenVPN servers available at Anonyproz?
 You can use any of our servers in case, if there are some interruptions in any server(s). All you need to do is to choose another server and connect.
 What's the difference between shared and dedicated IP services?
 The dedicated IP service will provide you with an exclusive dedicated USA IP. The service offers all the features of a shared IP OpenVPN.This is for advanced users and those working with IP sensitive sites like paypal,Ebay, Casino Sites,local TV broadcas
 Using Your Own Personal OpenVPN Client Installer with Our Config Files
 Although we have our pre-configured OpenVPN client installer which allows you to connect easily to our OpenVPN servers with ease, it is also possible for you to use our OpenVPN servers config files with your own OpenVPN client installer. You can download
 I cannot install your OpenVPN client installer on a public PC. How do I anonymize my internet when using a public PC with your service?
 We understand that there might be situations in which you are away from your PC and you are using a public PC and cannot install our OpenVPN client installer due to restrictions on the public PC . In this situation, we have a an open source portable OpenV
  Is any of my data or traffic being logged?
 Anonyproz OpenVPN does not track or log any data except basic recent data regarding the fact that you connected to our service, for troubleshooting purposes- and that is regularly and automatically flushed. We do not log your incoming IP, destination IP,
 How do I cancel my Paypal subscription?
 The simplest way is to log into your Paypal account, look up your subscription (you can find it easily from your latest payment to us in your history) and then click "Cancel Subscription". If you need any assistance, let us know via ticket, and we can
 How to RESTART your Paypal subscription if it has been cancelled
 If you're trying to buy credit for an existing account but don't have an active Paypal subscription, you can reactivate your paypal subscription by visiting your member area at http://www.anonyproz.com/member/member.php
 Refund And Cancellation Policy
 Anonyproz OpenVPN, will gladly stop monthly automatic billing on any OpenVPN account or anonymity service provided. If you sign up for a monthly service and request the service to be canceled, your account will no longer be rebilled starting with the
 Privacy Policy
 Anonyproz OpenVPN has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for our web sites. Disclaimer Anonyproz.com is an Internet secu
 How can I get support?
 Support for Anonyproz OpenVPN is only offered via e-mail and our Support Center ; please visit http://www.anonyproz.com or email us at service@anonyproz.com, and we will get back to you. No telephone support is available for Anonyproz OpenVPN.
 I have lost my username/password for my member area – how can I retrieve it?
 Please visit your member center page at http://www.anonyproz.com/member/member.php and enter your email or username in the account credential retrieval form.Please note that you cannot change the password to authenticate to the OpenVPN servers from your m
 What protocol does Anonyproz OpenVPN use for the VPN connection?
 The protocol used in all our servers is OpenVPN.We have OpenVPN both on port 1194 and port 443.
 Can I use your VPN through my Cable/DSL router or firewall?
 Yes. You can use our OpenVPN service on port 443 (HTTPS) to connect through.
 Can I connect to Anonyproz servers with multiple computers at the same time for the same account?
 Yes, we allow all our subscribers to connect to all servers at the same time from different PCs if you have access to more than one PCs. We offer unlimited access to all our servers for one fee of $10. This might be helpful if you need to access some site
 What can I do if my ISP/router/firewall/company will not allow PPTP VPN?
 You might want to try our OpenVPN service which supports additionally port 443 (normally used for HTTPS) to connect . It is very unlikely that any ISP will block port 443 as this is always allowed by all ISPs.
 Do I still need Firewall, Antivirus, etc.?
 Your OpenVPN account will anonymize and encrypt your internet traffic and you are already protected from the most common threats from the Internet. . However, you may install a Firewall, Antivirus if desired.
 How can I check the validity/expiration date of my account?
 Simply log into the My Account page at http://www.anonyproz.com/member/member.php to view the expiration date of your account, and to renew/extend it if necessary.
 The VPN is connecting but I still can not access sites when using Windows Vista or Windows 7. How can I fix this?
 On Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need to start the OpenVPN software with administrative rights. To do this start the software by right clicking the OpenVPN GUI icon and selecting "Run As Administrator" instead of just double clicking on it.
 I am currently a monthly subscriber, is it possible to make a quarterly or annual payments?
 Yes, this is possible.With quarterly or annual payments, we offer 10% discounts. Please contact us and let us know which payment plan you prefer (quarterly or annual) and we have offer you 10% discount and have it setup.
 Can I make Skype /Yahoo or other VOIP calls?
 Yes!. Once you are subscribed you will be able to unblock Skype or other PC based VOIP services and make calls.
 Can I access a website that is blocked in my country?
 Yes we can unblock your sites! Once you are subscribed you will be able to access websites as if you were in the same country that your server is based in.
 Does your service replace my current internet service?
 No, you need your current internet connection to connect through to our servers. Once you are connected all your data is then encrypted and sent through our servers before it reaches the public internet.
 Will it work on my computer?
 Our VPN service will run on PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as Apple Mac computers running Mac OS Tiger (10.4), Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6).
 Will OpenVPN work in my country?
 The VPN service should run fine in all countries because we have it running on port 443 (HTTPS) which is very unlikely to be blocked by your ISP, we have tested it successfully in many countries including the UAE, Oman and China.
 What if the local ISP blocks your OpenVPN service?
 It is unlikely that this will happen if connected to port 443. If your ISP blocks port 1194, we have the following servers configured on ports 443 to bypass. Additionally, we offer a solution to bypass the blocking as follows: Tunneling OpenVPN over H
 Can I connect to all your servers at the same time ?
 Yes, we allow all our subscribers to connect to all servers at the same time from different PCs if you have access to more than one PCs. We offer unlimited access to all our servers for one fee of $10. This might be helpful if you need to access some site
 Can I use your OpenVPN service on my Pocket PC or device running Windows Mobile ?
 Yes. Our OpenVPN service supports Pocket PCs and devices running Windows Mobile 2003 /5/6 and we have clear setup and configuration instructions which you can download at : http://www.anonyproz.com/ppcopenvpnsetup.pdf The CAB file can be downloaded at
 Why Your Internet Anonymity and Privacy is at Risk!
 Europe's cyber privacy declines: .............................................. The EU Parliament adopted a privacy directive -- promulgated by the United Kingdom -- by a 378 to 197 vote. The directive requires all Internet and telephone traffic to be
 What are the benefits of your offshore OpenVPN Servers ?
 Our servers are strategically located at varius offshore locations. This endows you with protection from restrictive censorship and international coverage and affords you enhanced data privacy such as restricting public access to internet traffic logs, pe
 End Warrantless Wiretapping!
  The New York Times reported, "The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year," resulting in a "significan
 News that can impact your privacy
 News that can impact your privacy can be found here: http://www.privacydigest.com/
 Delete Files Permanently with SDelete
 Although the point of standard encryption such as the one provided by OpenVPN is to hide the contents of your internet traffic such as emails , however you may still be suspected by your ISP or authorities for encrypting your internet traffic and you ma
 How to securely transfer and encrypt files using FTP over OpenVPN
  FTP is an acceptable way to download and upload files. However, you should avoid any unsecured FTP because FTP is not encrypted and everything is visible, including your username and password. With VPN everything is encrypted, making the performance decr
 How do I know my connection is secure and encrypted?
 Anonyproz OpenVPN employs robust, opensource VPN technology (OpenVPN) to protect all of your web traffic from surveillance using powerful Blowfish and AES Cipher encryption algorithms to bypass censorship and limitations like packet shaping, content fi
 How to prevent against sniffing on wiretap devices
 A packet sniffer is a wire tap program that eavesdrops on network traffic by plugging in to the computer networks. Sniffing allows someone to snoop on the interaction between computers just as with a telephone wiretap. Network wiretap programs have a spec
 Do you log openVPN traffic and what kind of information do you collect from your subscribers?
 First, we would like to differentiate between information collected during signup and openVPN logs. These two information are different. When a user signs up on our website, we may collect personally identifiable information that include name, e-mail addr
 Forcing all applications on your PC to be tunnelled through OpenVPN servers
 Our pre-configured and customized openVPN client installer enables you to force all applications on your computer to only work once connected to our VPN servers. This ensures that all applications in your PC will only work behind a secure encrypted conn
 Does Anonyproz OpenVPN Blocks Port 25?
 In order to reduce email spam and open relays, Anonyproz OpenVPN filters Port 25 (SMTP - Mail) on all our shared IP OpenVPN servers."Port 25" is the "out-box" for your Internet connection, used to send out-bound email. Your computer connects to "Port 25"
 Will Anonyproz OpenVPN account help me to prevent my provider's blocks?
 Yes, once you get the openVPN account, your ISP will not be able to block, control and examine your traffic.
  The network administrator in my hostel/campus/office has put restrictions to certain sites. Will VPN account allow me to bypass these restrictions?
 Yes, you will be able to bypass them. We have openVPN servers configured on ports 443 and 80 which allows you to bypass any restriction; so that no matter what your isp cannot block our server or service as these are the basic ports needed even to browse
  Is your openVPN service like an anonymous proxy?
 The openVPN service is much more than a proxy, however it offers much better security and privacy. You will have it enabled for all programs you are using, not just for a browser. You will have also your traffic encrypted, which will improve your security
  Is my traffic limited when I use your service?
 No, we do not limit traffic usage.You are allowed to use p2p bittorrent, bittorrent streaming, and more without any bandwidth limitations.
  Is it possible to have higher speed using openVPN?
 In general it is not possible to have higher speed than that of your channel. However, it is possible to have better speed for some sites than you have usually. This issue may occur because you have better connectivity with our server than with the site,
 Why internet connection speed degrades for some sites using VPN?
 There are several reasons on that. First, encryption takes some time. Second, connection speed depends on transit nodes between your network and a VPN server. These routes are not constant in time and can change even several times a day. Sometimes there i
 Are there any special internet programs' settings needed to use VPN?
 No, you don't need to change anything. We will provide you with our pre-configured installer and instructions on how to create the tunnel and that's it.
 Why TCP port 25 (SMTP) is blocked for outgoing connections?
 We block this port to prevent spamming activity. Sometimes the user does not know he has malicious programs on his computer that send spam through the network. As the result, that IP address appears in black lists. To prevent this we blocked TCP port 25 o
 Is it possible for someone to monitor my computer activities?
 Yes it is possible. However, you can practically prevent and protect your PC by following the these rules: 1. Make sure your internet traffic is fully encrypted and tunneled through a Virtual Private Network such as OpenVPN. OpenVPN has been proven to
 Connecting Securely to Unprotected and Public Wireless Network
 These days, most computers are wireless-enabled: they let you connect to the Internet without a physical network cable. The major benefit, of course, is that you can use your computer anywhere in the house or office (as long as it’s within range of a wi
 How do I get started and how soon will my account be activated?
 Signing up for our OpenVPN solutions is very easy and only takes few minutes. After completing your order, you can proceed to download our pre-configured OpenVPN application and then authenticate using your login details. Your openVPN account is instantly
 How do I check the status of your servers?
 It is possible to check the status of our OpenVPN servers using our real-time online checker at:
 Can I make order using Credit Cards?
 Yes. We allow credit card orders. We accept all major credit cards via AlertPay. Choose Alertpay on the order page and pay with the credit card through AlertPay. However, if paying with Credit cards via AlertPay, your payment will have to be verified by A
 Can I use your OpenVPN servers for heavy downloads and P2P/Torrents?
 Although there are many legal uses of P2P, downloading or uploading copyrighted works without prior authorization is illegal in most countries. Anonyproz do not condone copyright infringement. P2P file sharing are only allowed on P2P designated servers.We
 I have not received my confirmation email. What should I do?
 When you sign up for an OpenVPN account or at our Support Center , the most important thing is to make sure you use a valid email address. Without a valid email address, you can’t receive the confirmation email that allows us to communicate with you re
 Can I Use several servers at once (Double OpenVPN/Chaining)?
 Yes, this is possible.You can have as many connections to as many servers as you want and tunnel a connection through another server as well (ie chaining the servers). All absolutely fine.However, you need to add an additional TAP adapter on your machine
 10 Reasons Why You Need Anonyproz OpenVPN
 •Hide your real IP •Get an IP address in another country: US or EU •Prevent spying in your office/work/school •Bypass proxies, filters and port blocks •Unblock websites: Youtube, Craigslist, Google, Facebook in Pakistan, Thailand, UAE, Egy
 OpenVPN on Port 443 only
 We are now offering OpenVPN only on port 443. This will ensure that most users are able to use of services as this port is often opened in almost all networks. However, if you still cannot connect to our VPN servers on port 443, it is very likely that
 What is the difference between your shared IP openVPN and Dedicated IP OpenVPN?
 Below are the differences: Shared IP OpenVPN ............................. * You share 1 public IP with all the shared service users of the OpenVPN server which you are connected to * You have access to ALL the servers (UK, USA, MALAYSIA, FRANCE A
 Which ports are open? Do I need to ask you to open a port?
 All ports are open except port 25 which is blocked on the shared IP servers to prevent SPAM . No, you do not need to ask us to open ports because they are automatically opened by our servers.For security, a port is closed until it is in use. All that is r
 Port Mapping on OpenVPN Servers
 Port mapping allows for an unused port on the OpenVPN server to be configured to contact an application .An application such as BitTorrent sends the request to the OpenVPN server using the port specified. When the OpenVPN server receives a request on that
 Getting Around Blocked TLS and Anonyproz OpenVPN Servers IP(s)
 For very restrictive ISPs or networks firewalls and Network Access Controller which blocks TLS traffic ( Port 443) or connection to any of our OpenVPN servers IP, connection can made to our servers configured on TCP port 443 ( HTTPS) to bypass the restri
 is it possible for an attacker who captures OpenVPN traffic ( man-in-the-middle attack) and has access to the client certificates and keys decrypt the traffic and compromise the security ?
 No. It is impossible as the attacker would need the server key which is protected in the OpenVPN server and never disclosed. This is used for the client authentication. The OpenVPN client config must specify a Certificate Authority (CA), and the connectin
 I need Port 25 opened to enable me send emails or mass emails. Do you support this?
 In order to use the SMTP port 25 of our VPN services for legitimate email sending, you will need to meet the following conditions: 1. You will have to order for a dedicated and exclusive USA IP openVPN server with port 25 opened. Port 25 is not opened
 How to make sure you receive our emails
 Some email providers such as Yahoo impose restrictions on email delivery, which may impact our ability to communicate with you. This restriction could prohibit you from receiving vital information from us, like membership or support emails. In order to en
 Acceptable Use Policy and Permitted Content for Anonyproz Servers
 Disclaimer: Anonyproz.com is an Internet security and privacy company providing privacy and security to concerned Internet users. While our services may provide you with anonymity, we have a Zero tolerance on the abuse of our servers and illegal use of o
 When I connect to your servers, I'm getting these errors in my OpenVPN logs :
 This error will show on your login screen and in the OpenVPN log. The most common causes of this error is no connectivity to the internet and VPN traffic block by ISPs. Make sure you can reach the internet without the VPN. In some cases your network provi
 Will I lose my anonymity when I lose my OpenVPN connection?
 Anonyproz has implemented security features in the customized OpenVPN client installer to ensure that your anonymity is not compromised in any way when you lose connection to any of our servers during your connection session. Our pre-configured client ins
 Which protocol (UDP or TCP) is better for OpenVPN?
 In general, TCP and UDP offer an equivalent level of security. In terms of speed, UDP will be somewhat faster and more robust on most setups . In addition, UDP provides better latency which is key for certain demanding applications such as gaming. Over
 Will I get a static public IP address when I connect to Anonyproz Servers?
 Yes, you will receive a static public IP address for the duration of your connection to any of our servers. However, for our all-servers-in-one OpenVPN account , all users get the same IP for each server. If you need a static dedicated or exclusive IP wh
 How do I get a static private IP when I connect to your OpenVPN server?
 Having a static private IP address when connected to OpenVPN server may offer some benefits such as : •Using static IP addresses on home networks gives somewhat better protection against network security problems than does DHCP address assignment.
 when connected to your OpenVPN and I do a IP-to-Country lookup, it shows another country or incorrect data. What might be wrong?
 This can sometimes happen depending on the IP-to-Country resource you are using. Please note that the accuracy of the IP-to-Country data depends on the quality of the database of the IP-to-Country resource. This issue is often caused when the IP-to-Count
 What is the difference between your shared IP and dedicated IP OpenVPN services?
 Dedicated IP OpenVPN Service is a service which allows users to have a unique IP for exclusive use in a particular OpenVPN server whereas the Shared IP OpenVPN Service is a service which allows a group of users to share the same IP for one or more OpenVPN
 What kind of information do you collect from your users?
 When you first sign up for our services, we collect your IP address, login credentials and email. All information collected is kept private and not released to a third party. Also, to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the co
 How to Improve Your OpenVPN Connection Speed
 OpenVPN connection tends to be slow compared to the normal internet connection due to latency and encryption issues. There is typically a least 50% speed performance drop for latency related issues. Encryption is another reason why OpenVPN tends to be s
 Your OpenVPN server IP address is blocked by my ISP. What can I do ?
 It is possible for ISPs to block our shared OpenVPN servers IP addresses. If this is your situation, you can still use our services using one of the following solutions: 1. Order for a PRIVATE OpenVPN server from us. Since our shared OpenVPN servers IP
 Do you offer instant activation for your services?
 Presently we only offer instant activation for our "Shared Static IP OpenVPN::USA|MALAYSIA|FRANCE|CANADA|ROMANIA|UK| (All Servers in 1 Account) " package. All other service packages has to be manually setup. Setup time normally takes a few minutes to 2 ho
 Which OpenVPN client installer do I use for your different OpenVPN service plans?
 We have 2 types of pre-configured and customized OpenVPN windows installer which allows our subscribers to connect to our OpenVPN servers. These are the All-server-in-one account installer and Dedicated OpenVPN IP installer. Please note that if you order
 Which OpenVPN Plan to Choose? Shared IP OpenVPN or Dedicated IP OpenVPN?
 If you are a normal internet user without any subscription to online web services which are IP sensitive such as online banking, Ebay, Paypal etc and you do not mind sharing IP with others, then the shared OpenVPN plan will be ideal for you. However, if y
 SSH Port Forwarding (OpenVPN Alternative) on Mac OS X
 A Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel consists of an encrypted tunnel created through an SSH protocol connection. SSH tunnels are used to transfer unencrypted traffic over a network through an encrypted channel.SSH tunnels provide a means to bypass firewalls that p
 How to bypass ISP Port based and Protocol based traffic limiting
 Most ISPs typically employ traffic shaping or monitoring in order to curb usage on their networks.This is typically done at the protocol or port level. The default UDP protocol 1194 has become obsolete as this port is often times blocked in most network
 In which city in the US is your dedicated IP OpenVPN server located?
 Our dedicated USA IP OpenVPN server is located in Los Angeles, CA.
 What is the difference between OpenVPN and SSH Tunnel?
 OpenVPN is a virtual private network based solution which is open source and provides an easy solution to encrypt and anonymize your internet traffic using very strong encryption algorithms.On the other hand, SSH otherwise known as Secure Shell can be use
 OpenVPN Connection and IP Monitoring Using OpenVPN WatchDog
 OpenVPN Watch Dog is a windows based application to securely monitor for stable encryption of internet traffic and prevent exposure of real IP address thereby offering the benefits of encrypted connection to the internet with IP address anonymity. OpenVPN
 Online Support Ticket Guide
 What is a Support Ticket? A support ticket provides us a secure way to provide support to our subscribers. When a ticket is opened, a tracking number or ID will be assigned. It is recommended you take note of this ID. To open a support ticket, simply
 How to securely save OpenVPN login credentials and automatically connect
 Anonyproz is now offering a new modified version of the Open Source Windows OpenVPN GUI that allows for secure (AES 256 cipher) saving of the login credentials. The GUI includes an optional feature to enable you save your login credentials securely in an
 Securing OpenVPN Connection From Real IP Leaks with Anonyproz OpenVPN GUI Client
 Anonyproz pre-configured and customized OpenVPN client GUI enables you to force all applications on your computer to only work once connected to our OpenVPN servers. This ensures that all applications in your PC will only work behind a secure encrypted co
 OpenVPN Connection Monitoring
 It is necessary to emphasize that OpenVPN connections are prone to DNS leaks (mainly for Windows systems) and IP leaks due to VPN misconfigurations, VPN routing issues, VPN disconnections, shaky ISP connections etc. DNS and real IP leaks can poss a signif
 Deep Packet Inspection and OpenVPN
 A new internet traffic monitoring technology known as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) has been proven to successfully block OpenVPN traffic regardless of the port used whether 80 or 443. Anyone who uses the Internet needs to be aware of Deep Packet Inspectio
 How to Bypass Deep Packet Inspection Devices or ISPs Blocking OpenVPN Traffic on Ports 80 and 443
 It is now known that some ISPs in certain countries with strict internet censorship are able to block OpenVPN traffic on any port including ports 80 and 443 with Deep Packet Inspection techniques. Using these Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) devices, ISPs are
 Your website and/or OpenVPN Servers IPs are blocked by my ISP. Can I still subscribe and use your OpenVPN service?
 If you cannot subscribe for our OpenVPN services as a result of the blocking of our domain name or website by your ISP, you can still subscribe for our services provided you have access to any webmail. All you need to do is to contact us by email and requ
 I cannot connect to one or more of your OpenVPN server. What should I do?
 This guide provides helpful hints and solutions for troubleshooting your OpenVPN connections on our servers and highlights the required steps to take when you cannot connect to one or more of our OpenVPN servers: 1. Ensure that you have an active sub
 How can I use your OpenVPN services for MAC?
 If you are a MAC user, you can easily connect to our OpenVPN servers with third party softwares. The two widely known softwares or clients are: Viscosity: http://www.thesparklabs.com/viscosity/ Tunnelblick: http://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/ I
 How do I check the status of your OpenVPN servers?
 Our OpenVPN server status page available at: displays the current status of all our OpenVPN servers in real time. Should you experience any issue connecting to any of our OpenVPN, we recommend you check this status pag
 IP Detection and Traffic Encryption Monitoring Using Anonyproz OpenVPN WatchDog
 After connecting to our OpenVPN servers, your traffic will be re-routed through one of our servers replacing your IP address with one of our own in the process. At the same time, your internet traffic will be totally encrypted. To check and monitor in rea
 Tracking Server Changes and Issues
 Any latest changes or issues regarding our OpenVPN servers can be tracked by going to our Support System News at: http://anonyproz.com/supportsuite/index.php?_m=news&_a=view You will be able to view any latest changes we made to our servers such as IP
 Which server location can I use for peak performance?
 We recommend that you use our speed checker program for windows to determine the server which can offer you the best speed from your location. The program can be downloaded in the link below: http://www.anonyproz.com/speedchecker.msi
 Can I cancel my current recurring billing with Paypal for your service and re-order at a later date?
 Yes. This is perfectly allowed. You are free to cancel your current auto re-billing subscription with Paypal for any our service any time you choose to. Simply login to your Paypal account and cancel the subscription when you feel you are no longer in nee
 How do I reset or change the password to authenticate to the OpenVPN servers?
 Please note that you cannot change the password to authenticate to the OpenVPN servers from your member area as your member area password and OpenVPN password are not linked. However, by default,your login credentials you chose when you signed up securely
 Which of your services is best for me and what guide do I use in selecting the best service?
 In order to assist our potential customers in selecting the right and best service for their needs, we have provided a subscription guide table which provides detailed information on our different services at : http://www.anonyproz.com/orderguide.htm
 Which OpenVPN server location do I connect to in order to get the best connection speeds?
 Anonyproz operates servers on shared 100Mbps speed ports. Please note that the speed of any our server at any point in time depends on your location from the server, number of hops between you and the server and current network load. Hence it is strongly
 Private Browsing via OpenVPN
 With recent wave of online attacks and monitoring, using a VPN for private and encrypted browsing has become more of a necessity than luxury! A VPN allows you to run your browser activity through a secure and private server so that it cannot be intercepte
 How does your OpenVPN service protect me from visiting dangerous sites like malware, phishing, botnet, scam and other malicious sites?
 Using our new OpenVPN client GUI, users can easily switch OpenVPN connections to use our private DNS which is enabled for malicious domain filtering. The DNS been configured to restrict access to all known malicious sites such as malware, phishing, botnet
 Malware and Phishing Protection while connected to VPN
 Anonyproz OpenVPN servers offers malware and phishing protection using DNS-based filtering (DNS Sinkhole)on our private and secure DNS servers. Our OpenVPN system will detect and block all DNS requests to known malicious sites obtained from various user
 VPN Tunneling with Phishing/Malware Protection (DNS Sinkhole)
 We are now offering VPN tunneling services with integrated malware and phishing sites protection. What this means is that our OpenVPN system will detect and block all DNS requests to known malicious sites obtained from various user contributed sources suc
 P2P File Sharing Use Policy
 Although there are many legal uses of P2P, downloading or uploading copyrighted works without prior authorization is illegal in most countries. Anonyproz do not condone copyright infringement. P2P file sharing are only allowed on P2P designated servers.We
 Does Anonyproz block certain websites?
 In order to provide stable and secured VPN services to our customers, we do block P2P file sharing sites on certain servers while allowing P2P file sharing on most of our servers. The servers on which P2P file sharing is prohibited is clearly marked on ou
 Paypal does not support my country. How can I order for your VPN services?
 If Paypal is not supported in your country, you can order for our services using our supported e-currencies (Liberty Reserve, Pecunix and Perfect Money). These e-currencies payment systems are very safe and well established. They are also well suited for
 Signup for OpenVPN using UnionPay
 Anonyproz is now accepting UnionPay payments for OpenVPN orders. China UnionPay (CUP) is the only domestic bank card organization in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and also the largest new payments network on the planet. At its core, it is the sole
 VPN Access for China and internet censored countries Users
 Previously many internet users in China could use VPN to circumvent the Great China Firewall and access their favourite blocked sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. However, it appears nowadays that the use of VPN is becoming challenging in China
 I'm on a restrictive network that allows only http/https (ports 80 and 443) and blocks SSH/OpenVPN Traffic. Can I still use your SSH and OpenVPN services?
 If you are on a restrictive network that only allows http and https traffic (Ports 80 and 443) or that won’t allow a outgoing connection directly to an SSH server or OpenVPN server because it requires certain SSL handshaking characteristics, you can sti
 How to Stop Your Real IP Being Exposed After OpenVPN Disconnection
 In order to ensure your full privacy and prevent the exposure of your real IP due to OpenVPN disconnections, Anonyproz offers a customized and pre-configured OpenVPN GUI client with integrated firewall which securely protects your OpenVPN from any form of
 My ISP blocks outgoing connections to SSH and only allows HTTP/HTTPS. What options do I have to connect to the remote SSH server?
 If your network or ISP uses deep packet inspection to block SSH and only allows HTTP/HTTPS traffic to move about the internet, you can use our easy-to-use SSH tunneling over HTTPS service using a light weigh JAVA based client to tunnel your SSH and OpenVP
 My ISP do not allow outgoing connections to SSH servers irrespective of the port on which the SSH is listening? How can I bypass?
 If your network or ISP uses deep packet inspection to block SSH and only allows HTTP/HTTPS traffic to move about the internet, you can use our easy-to-use SSH tunneling over HTTPS service using only a web browser. For windows users, using only a web br
 Secure your private data from SSL/HTTPS Vulnerabilities by Using OpenVPN/SSH Tunnels
 There have been recent attack and security/privacy issues regarding SSL (HTTPS) vulnerabilities. Researchers have discovered a serious weakness in virtually all websites protected by the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol that allows attackers to silent
 How to Verify and Monitor DNS and Real IP Leaks While Connected to OpenVPN Server
 It is necessary to emphasize that OpenVPN connections are prone to DNS leaks (mainly for Windows systems) and IP leaks due to VPN misconfigurations, VPN routing issues, VPN disconnections, shaky ISP connections etc. DNS and real IP leaks can poss a signif
 Fixing Slow Connection Speeds and Packet Loss When Connected to OpenVPN
 If you are experiencing poor connection speeds or packet loss issues when connected to any of our OpenVPN servers, this is often due to route issues. Note that your connection speeds depends mainly on your route over the network between your computer and
 OpenVPN Username/Password Authentication Method and SSL Secure Registration
 Anonyproz employs the "Asymmetrical Authentication" method in all our OpenVPN servers whereby only the server authenticates itself to the client with a signed certificate while the client authenticates itself to the server with a Username/Password. This m
 Secure Support for OpenVPN and SSH Services
 Anonyproz offers all the needed support to help you make the most of our services. Most support questions are resolved by browsing our Knowledgebase at https://www.anonyproz.com/supportsuite/ or by posting your questions on our Forums at https://www.ano
 Strong Encryption and Malware/Botnet/Spyware Filtering for Web Traffic
 With the current alarming rate of malware infection with internet users globally, Anonyproz is taking a step further in securing your web traffic. Anonyproz not only encrypt your web traffic but also goes a step further in securing your web traffic agai
 I would like to do P2P and Torrents. Which service package allows P2P?
 If you intend to download or share files using P2P/Bittorent,you can only do so using our 'Premium OpenVPN Package " package which allows you to access both OpenVPN and SSH services on all our servers. However, P2P file sharing is only permitted on certai
 How to disguise OpenVPN as HTTPS traffic to Bypass DPI Filtering
 In some restrictive networks where ISPs use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) techniques to inspect traffic, it is possible to detect OpenVPN traffic and subsequently block it although the traffic cannot be decoded because OpenVPN uses strong encryption.
 How do I order for your services using Western Union or Money Gram?
 If it is not possible for you to order for our services using any of our supported payment systems and you would like to order using Western Union or Money Gram, you can do so by signing up for Liberty Reserve account and thereafter fund your Liberty Res
 Stealth and Pre-configured Putty SSH Tunneling for Windows
 When using Putty, please note that you have to setup the SSH tunneling for each of our servers manually since we operate multiple servers and this can be a tedious process. However, to make the setup process easy and undetectable by firewalls (Tunneling o
 OpenVPN Asymmetrical Server-Client Authentication Method and Security (Preventing Man-in-the middle attacks)
 This article describes the server-client authentication used by Anonyproz and provides some tips on how to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks for our users. Anonyproz is using the "Asymmetrical Authentication" server-client authentication method where only t
 Anonyproz pre-configured and modified version of OpenVPN GUI for Windows
 Anonyproz offers a modified and pre-configured version of the open source OpenVPN GUI. Using our modified version, our subscribers can benefit from the added features which can greatly improve their OpenVPN tunneling experience. The new modified GUI is no
 OpenVPN Client Config file (.ovpn) Integrity & Authenticity Verification
 In order to ensure the integrity and authenticity of our OpenVPN client config files, SHA-256 hashes are now published for all our OpenVPN config files. By comparing the config files hashes against a list of officially published hashes for the config file
 How to Signup for our OpenVPN and SSH Services with CashU
 Anonyproz now accepts CashU prepaid online and mobile payment method and you can signup for our OpenVPN and SSH services using CashU. To use CashU is very easy and fast. Just go to the link below to signup: https://www.cashu.com/CLogin/registersForm?
 OpenVPN GUI Login Credential Saving for Automatic Connection
 Anonyproz OpenVPN GUI includes an optional feature to enable you save your login credentials securely in an encrypted form (AES 256 cipher) on your computer when authenticating to the OpenVPN server. To save your login credentials, simply click on the “
 Switching DNS Servers for OpenVPN Connection (OpenDNS/Google DNS and Private Anonyproz DNS servers)
 Anonyproz offers subscribers the ability to switch the DNS used for resolving websites when connected to our OpenVPN servers using the OpenVPN client GUI. Using the GUI, you can easily switch between Google DNS, OpenDNS or our private malware domain filte
 Automatic OpenVPN GUI connection to a default pre-selected server at GUI launch
 Anonyproz OpenVPN GUI allows you to select a specific server of your choice as a default server or select multiple servers which will be rotated and make the GUI automatically connect to the server(s) using your saved login credentials whenever the GUI is
 Automatic OpenVPN GUI start and connection to a default pre-selected server at system startup/boot
 Anonyproz OpenVPN GUI supports automatic OpenVPN GUI start and connection to a default pre-selected server at system startup/boot. Sometimes it can be useful to have the GUI automatically startup and connect to a server at system boot time. For example, s
 Automatic OpenVPN GUI server switching at a pre-determined time duration
 Anonyproz OpenVPN GUI allows users to select multiple servers and have the GUI automatically switch between each server at a pre-determined time duration. Thus,instead of connecting to a single server one at a time each time the GUI is launched, you may w
 How to automatically switch between multiple OpenVPN servers
 Anonyproz OpenVPN GUI allows users to select multiple servers and have the GUI automatically switch between each server at a pre-determined time duration. Thus,instead of connecting to a single server one at a time each time the GUI is launched, you may w
 How do I get better speeds when using your VPN services?
 Please refer to the links below which explains the reason for the speed issue while using OpenVPN: https://www.anonyproz.com/supportsuite/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=89 https://www.anonyproz.com/supportsuite/index.php?_m=kn
 How many Computers can I connect with your VPN servers as a subscriber?
 You are allowed to use any number of computers at same time provided the computers are under your sole control only. That is we DO NOT allow reselling your account or sharing your account with third parties. We allow unlimited connections and bandwidth.
 How many IPs are available per server?
 We operate 1 IP per server ONLY at any given time. We currently have over 28 server in over 25 countries. If you want to rotate between the IPs, you can use the automatic server switcher feature of our customized OpenVPN GUI. For more details, please see
 I cannot connect to my private OpenVPN server due to DPI or firewall blocking the OpenVPN connection. Do you have a solution to allow me connect to my own OpenVPN server behind your HTTPS tunnel?
 Yes, if you want to connect to your own OpenVPN server using our HTTPS tunnel agent, it is possible through our HTTPS tunnel server. The way this woks is that you will be connecting to our gateway HTTPS server first and then from there, the traffic is re-
 Defeating SSL Decrypting Malware with OpenVPN
 Do you have the impression that just because you are connecting to your secure site such as your online banking site or electronic payment site such as Paypal.com over HTTPS, your personal information such as username/passwords is 100% secure? Think again
 How do I Connect to OpenVPN with High Availability and Failover Option?
 Due to unexpected server downtime arising from multiple network factors, please note that no server can offer 100% uptime. Hence, you might experience occasional disconnection should the server timeout or become down intermittently. To resolve this, Anony
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