29 Apr 2017 
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 Defeating SSL Decrypting Malware with OpenVPN
Solution Do you have the impression that just because you are connecting to your secure site such as your online banking site or electronic payment site such as Paypal.com over HTTPS, your personal information such as username/passwords is 100% secure? Think again! There are reports of new sophisticated malware that can be installed remotely on your computer and which tricks users into running the attack code by posing as a genuine SSL certificate. Such malware can be propagated via email or via malware sites and can find their way to the victims PC.

However, because the malware faked certificate is not a valid trusted certificate signed by a trusted issuer, your browser will warn you and give you errors such as "This root certificate is not trusted". However, if a user ignores the warning and accepts the certificate, the malware is successfully installed and will begin intercepting and decrypting the SSL/HTTPS traffic before passing it to the end server. Thus your web browser will be unknowingly negotiating SSL with the malware instead of the remote server (Man-in-the-middle attack). In addition, once the malware is installed, further malicious code can be installed automatically such as additional payload such as key logger that sniffs out usernames and passwords used to log into secure sites such as Paypal, online banking sites and can transmit the sniffed credentials to the attacker operated command-and-control server.


To guide against such sophisticated malware, you need an extra layer of encryption which will tunnel the HTTPS traffic. To achieve this, use OpenVPN which is a trusted Open source VPN solution with strong encryption algorithm which will secure your HTTPS traffic from such Man-in-the-middle attacks. OpenVPN creates an encrypted link between your computer and our servers and then forwards all of your internet traffic through this link

To learn more about our OpenVPN services and to signup, please go to: http://www.anonyproz.com/

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